Keeping you and our community safe

The safety of runners, spectators, volunteers and local residents remains our number one priority for the Pudding Run 2021. It was a huge disappointment last year having to cancel the race, but this was the right decision. This race is a long-standing event in everyone’s calendar and one of the most popular road races in the area. The event is also the biggest fundraiser for St. Nicholas’ School here in Bromham and it is the Pudding Run Team’s ambition to make this year an incredible success.

What might be changing for the 2021 Pudding Run?

The coronavirus situation is continuing to change. No-one can predict with certainty the situation by the time of our event in December 2021. We are working with Wiltshire Council and other stakeholders to deliver the 2021 Pudding Run as the most COVID-secure event possible. We are ensuring the safety of runners, spectators, volunteers and local residents in accordance with government and National and Local Public Health guidelines. We have a QR code that we ask you to scan to check into the event.

We all hope that the coronavirus recovery will be sustained over coming months allowing our race to run as planned, BUT….

Our initial modelling of our event, together with the unfortunate fire at the Social Centre means we need to operate the event slightly differently for this year. The race itself however will be maintained as the same exciting race.

Some of the other measures include:

  • Maintain the same number of runners as previous years
  • Encouraging a slightly more spaced start.
  • Encouraging runners and volunteers to take a home COVID test in the 24 hours up to the event and again a few days after the event
  • Encouraging runners, volunteers and spectators to complete a personal well-being COVID self-assessment on the morning of the race.
  • Providing a spectator COVID code of conduct.
  • Provide a runners COVID code of conduct.
  • We will limit spectators near the start and finish of the race and encourage keeping good personal distances.
  • We will not be able to provide shower facilities, but we will provide adequate toilet facilities.
  • We will provide lots of hand sanitiser points
  • Reducing or removing ‘contact points’ at the event
  • We are trying to develop a flexible plan to allow for event postponement or cancellation in the event.

Cancellations and Refunds

As we cannot obtain event cancellation insurance for infectious disease, if we have to cancel the race because of coronavirus we will only be able to offer partial refunds, based on the costs already invested to date in the race production.

We will update you as our plans develop, after ongoing stakeholder consultations. Further details will be confirmed as we near the Race and in good time before the event.